• DEC® Emulation

  • 24-wire Print Head

  • Rated Duty Cycle up to 50,000 Pages per Month

  • Print Speeds up to 1000 CPS

  • Parallel and Ethernet Interfaces Standard

Spec Sheet

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“Unsurpassed excellence”. That defines the rugged high powered LA1000 printer. Built to leave a lasting impression on your productivity, this high speed workhorse exemplifies what rugged durability is all about. With its advanced 24-pin print head, the LA1000 is engineered to perform at a blistering pace even in the harshest of operating environments. You’re assured of top-shelf performance, crisp, clear and reliable print quality and a machine you can count on when your performance is what counts.

Low running costs and durability in the harshest of print environments make these products excellent value for money.

These products are well matched to Microsoft Windows applications, and highly compatible with other host operation environments including legacy systems.

DEC compatible printers continue to be in demand. These printers are particularly suited to DEC Servers, DEC VAX and Alpha, in VMS and OpenVMS operating environments. They compliment the mid-range LA-matrix printers, the LA2600 and LA2610. The products fully support the DEC ANSI PPL2 (Printer Protocol Level 2) command language (icluding barcodes), plus IBM Proprinter and Epson ESC P/2 for full system compatibility


Tech Specs

  • Print Speed 1.000 cps (Fastest Draft); 800 cps (Draft), 222 cps (NLQ) at 10 cpi
  • Resolution up to 360 x 360 dpi
  • Throughput (ECMA 132) 625 pages per hour
  • Character Density 5, 6, 7.5, 8.6, 10, 12, 15, 17.1, 20 cpi
  • Line Density 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lpi
  • Printhead Life 750 million characters
  • Standard Memory 128 kB
  • Standard Connectivity Parallel (Bi-directional), RS232 Serial, and Ethernet (without DEC LAT support)
  • Standard Emulation DEC PPL/2, IBM ProPrinter XL24, Epson LQ (ESC P/2)
  • Fonts HS Draft, Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige, Script, OCR-A/B, 23 Barcodes and scaleable LCP
  • Consumables Ribbon: 20 million characters (draft)
  • Standard Paper Handling Push tractor for continuous paper with straight paper path, tear off and park position
  • Optional Paper Handling Additional push tractor (front),
  • Number of Copies Push tractor front: 1 original + 5 copies
  • Paper Type Continuous forms, multi-part forms
  • Paper Weight 60-120 g/m²
  • Paper Size Width: 3“ to 16.5“; Length: 3“ to 22“
  • Physical Weight 19 kg, 42 lbs
  • Physical Size 24.5“ x 17“ x 11“ (W x D x H),
  • Acoustic 59 dB(A)
  • Power Voltage 120 V or 230 V autoselecting
  • Power Consumption 70 Watt Printing; 18 W Power-Save
  • Temperature +10° to +35° C; 20% to 80% humidity (not condensing)
  • Workload 48.000 pages per month
  • MTBF 22,500 hours
  • Warranty 90 days on-site warranty
  • Drivers Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Server 2003/2008; SAP

Note For OCR applications it is recommended that your readers are tested. Paper
is a highly variable medium and should be tested prior to purchase.